5 Fabulous and Functional Storage Solutions for Spring

Spring cleaning isn’t just about tidying up – it’s a chance to declutter and revolutionize your living space through smart storage solutions. We have a wide variety of affordable storage items that can be painted and stained to match your space, or pop with colour, offering various options to enhance your home’s functionality and aesthetics.
Here are some great options to consider:


1. Deep drawers for better organising
Bring order to your cluttered spaces by using pieces of furniture that have deep drawers designed with enough space to carry containers which can be organised into categories. For example, one drawer can carry stationary and crafting supplies with each container carrying its own items and a second drawer could contain hardware which is organised into the various containers. Maximize the storage potential by opting for clear containers, making it easy to identify the contents at a glance. Our Chests of Drawers  selection offers a huge variety with different heights, widths, and styles to choose from.


2. Under-bed drawers for hidden treasures
Take advantage of this under-utilized space by investing in our Rustic Underbed Drawers. They provide a discreet yet accessible area to store bedding, off-season clothing, shoes and toys. Keep your bedroom clutter-free by designating specific drawers for different types of items.


3. Storage in the steps
Create a fun yet functional way to maximize storage in your children’s bedrooms with our Rustic Double Bunk Storage Steps . Whether leading to a cute and cozy loft area or the top bunk bed, these steps provide valuable hidden storage. Assign each step a purpose, such as storing shoes, games, puzzles, and toy collections like Lego. Incorporate labels or small baskets and transparent
containers to further streamline organization.

4. Storage beneath your seat
Combine the functionality of storage with the versatility of seating by opting for a Luggage Table at the end of your bed. It’s a great way to keep shoes, extra pillows and blankets out of the way and off the floor. We have different options to fit your bed width
and available space. You can also use our Luggage Tables in an entry hall or on a patio, to store board games, wellington boots and umbrellas.


5. Corner a hat stand

The hat stand or coat rack doesn’t only need to sit in your entryway, it can be used in bedrooms for bags, jackets, dressing gowns and hoodies, or in bathrooms as an extra towel rack. The hat stand is brilliant because it can be moved around easily, and its shape lends itself perfectly for all the nooks and crannies. This makes it ideal for storing frequently used items in your home.


From deep drawers to under-bed storage, we’ve got the variety to help you turn your home into a clutter-free, stylish, and organized living space.