The undeniable natural beauty of wood makes a statement in both traditional and contemporary homes. With its attractive graining, affordable prices and environmentally friendly credentials, there’s no wonder pine is one of the most popular woods to choose for everyday furniture.

Better for the planet

Pine is naturally fast growing. Large expanses of sustainably managed forests are planted to meet the need for pine furniture and other uses in construction. That means pine is considered more sustainable (and better for the environment) than slower growing hardwoods such as oak or wood that has been harvested from unsustainable rainforests. Producing it also uses less energy than products like MDF, so if you’re looking for furniture that is better for our planet, pine is a great choice.

Lasting Quality

Pine might grow quickly but that doesn’t mean it isn’t solid and strong. A quick peek in any antique shop at the pine wood chest of drawers, dressers and tables that are 200 years old (and older!) is proof of its durability. Pine is also almost always used for bunk beds– evidence again that it is tough.

Your style now and in the future

The look of natural wood is timeless, but pine can also be painted or stained easily to achieve an individual style or if you want to refresh your interiors in the future without investing in brand new furniture. Because of this, pine is often a popular choice in children’s rooms, where you might want more frequent updates than in the rest of your home.

Contemporary but classic

Painted or left natural, pine is a versatile material and can be used around the home to achieve a number of classic and on-trend looks:


Using natural materials is key to nailing this laid-back Nordic look, so use statement pieces of pine furniture, such as a wardrobe, mirror or bed, with a minimal design like our XXX range. Whilst the look should be uncluttered you can create a warm and inviting atmosphere with the addition of a sheepskin throw or other natural textiles and materials like copper. Keep the walls and floors simple in shades of pale grey or white and you’ll have a beautiful, Scandinavian-inspired space.

Rustic Country Living

Used in cottages and farm-houses for centuries because of its ready availability and affordability, pine furniture is the effortless way to achieve the timeless rustic country look. Choose traditionally styled pieces with turning and detailing and a matt lacquer to highlight the warm, honey-colour of the wood like our XXX range and you will instantly get a look like it’s been passed down through the generations.

Modern Contemporary

Standout modern design is all about keeping it simple and good craftsmanship. The natural tones and the texture of the grain in pine wood furniture brings depth and interest to your modern scheme and is the perfect contrast to sleek chromes and high tech gadgets. Alternatively, you can easily paint your pine wood furniture a minimalistic white or grey or get funky with a bright colour-pop of acid yellow or orange.

Why should I consider pine furniture instead of oak?

Both pine and oak furniture will be a beautiful natural addition to your home. Faster growing, pine is a lighter alternative to oak, easy to paint or stain and a good choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly piece that will last.

Pine Oak
Softwood Hardwood
Fast Growing Slower Growing
Wide, Open Grain Close Grain
Sturdy but can dent Tough and Durable
Lightweight and easy to move Heavy
Affordable Investment

With dependable quality, pine is the perfect choice for bringing the luxury of a natural product into your home whilst its budget–friendly appeal makes it the ideal option if you want to update your interior with the latest design trends. Whether you’re looking for a piece of furniture to effortlessly slip into your current scheme or are looking to completely overhaul your interior space, take a look at our range of beautiful and affordable pine wood furniture now.

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